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"She lives her life in beta mode:

always looking for ways to improve."

Hello! I’m Jennifer.


The words above are from a mentor of mine, which he said about me during an event honoring the graduating employees of the Bentley University Service-Learning Center.


I'm always undertaking a new personal project (or 5). And as a lover of data, I meticulously track my progress in everything I do.


I bring this same drive for constant progress to my work in marketing. With 5 years of experience across numerous companies and nonprofits, I've developed a unique voice in my writing, a creative outlook to event planning, and innovative approaches to social media and other digital inbound marketing.


Today, I spend my time as a freelance writer and digital marketing consultant. Outside of work, I am a traveler, creative writer, foodie, volunteer, social media addict, horseback rider, (Taylor) Swiftie, and lover of good wine with good company.


Of all of those, "traveler" is probably the most important, as it fuels all of the other aspects of who I am. My first trip overseas wasn’t until I was 20, but I jumped right in. That summer I backpacked solo through Europe for 3 months, planning the next city and hostel just days before arriving. Hopelessly afflicted by wanderlust, I returned for another 6-week trip the following summer, and do shorter trips in the US as often as possible.


If you want to get to know me (or see pictures of horses, food, and far-off locations) or visit me on social media.


I'm always open to new remote freelance opportunities. If you're looking for someone to help you write your next article or take your marketing to the next level, contact me at

Headshot of Jennifer Wright

Photo by Chris Conti

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