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As part of my role as a social media consultant, I created a training seminar for faculty members who were interested in using Twitter and LinkedIn to promote their healthcare research. Most had little to no social media experience, so I focused on the basics and shortcuts to fitting it into busy schedules.

I was then asked to develop a similar training in an internship, where I led 3 sessions with 50 technology analysts.

Wanting to bring the social media experience offline, I worked with Bentley staff to take over a wall in the Student Center as a pop-up Instagram display. I printed about 400 of the best photos of the year that used #BentleyU and tacked them up in a display that lasted the two weeks before Commencement.

Students appeared to love the display, and many took the photos posted from their accounts as keepsakes after!

I also created many promotional materials for my role in the BSLCE, including posters, videos, and other informational documents. We designed the "15 Reasons Why" list for Open House, where we spoke to over 1,000 students twice every year.

Contact information was on the back and the document was printed on card stock, so it was easy for us to stick out when prospective students went through all their paperwork at the end of the day!

My Bentley courses were very hands-on, often including real clients seeking consulting or case studies that required us to create actual websites, social media accounts, informational sheets, and more.


I created this flyer for a new pricing strategy in my Marketing Management class based on a new pricing plan my team and I devised based on a Harvard Business Review case. I also completed a full financial analysis based on two versions of our plan, determining acquisition cost, break-even point, and lifetime value of customers. 

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