In 2016 Bentley began a new alumni Snapchat Takeover series, which I was able to help coordinate and promote.


We reached out to alumni and asked them to show a day in their life to highlight different career paths. I then downloaded the snaps and turned them into videos for YouTube to allow them to live beyond 24 hours.

I also worked with student organizations to highlight events, such as a Habitat for Humanity trip. Snaps from this series often received nearly 1,000 views.


To ramp up engagement on Snapchat, which at the time was new for us, I led a Snapchat Scavenger Hunt at Homecoming.

Since Bentley's mascot is the falcon, I hid five mini falcon plush dolls around campus throughout the day, posting clues as to their location on Snapchat. We had promoted the contest on other platforms so students were keeping an eye on our Snapchat, and all of the falcons were found within a few minutes of hiding!

The contest was so successful we ended up doing another with the falcons dressed in costumes for Halloween.

We wanted a diverse group of alumni in our Snapchat Takeover series, but not all were familiar with Snapchat. To ensure they could participate fully I created a guide, showing examples of what our first alumni did well, types of content they should avoid, and ideas for them to use.


I also created a guide to using Snapchat, including basic privacy tips necessary when using an account with many followers.

Jennifer Wright in Bruges
There was a bird right outside the windo
Beach life perks. 🌊_._._
Grey horse tacked up
Almond butter cookies for _melissa
Jennifer Wright graduation
Handwritten letters
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